David Moorhouse, Winner of the Barnard Skins Tournament, receiving the Trophy from Anne Barnard.

The Barnard Trophy in memory of Arthur Barnard

The “Barnard” Garden Plaque suitably embedded in the south east border.

The “Barnard” Garden Plaque presented to Anne Barnard with the inscription ” This Border was planted in 2019 in memory of Arthur Barnard”

The six finalists in the Barnard Skins Tournament, David Crane, Barrie Shipley, David Moorhouse, Julie Carver, John Freeman and Dave Imeson

The final shoot out in the Barnard Skins Tournament between David Moorhouse and Dave Imeson with Anne Barnard holding the Barnard Trophy

The Gospel according to Anne Barnard

Dave Imeson, Runner Up of the Barnard Skins Tournament, receiving some beverage from Anne Barnard