(As agreed at the AGM on 12th October 2014)

  1. The League shall be called the Huby & District Triples Bowls League.

  2. Officers to be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting viz. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer & Fixture Secretary. One club member to represent each term at the AGM or Extra-ordinary GM, each club to have ONE vote. In the event of a tie vote, then the Chairman shall cast the deciding vote. A quorum for a General Meeting shall be greater than 50% of the membership of the League

  3. The League shall maintain a bank current account. Any cheques drawn against League funds need only to be signed by the Treasurer or other authorised Officer. Trophy engraving shall be funded by the League.

  4. The Executive Committee to consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman & Secretary/Treasurer.

  5. Applications for membership  to be considered at the AGM. Any new club wishing to join the league must notify the Secretary at least 14 days before the AGM which they will be required to attend. A £10 Registration fee is payable on joining the league and the Annual Subscription for 2011 is £10. Subscriptions shall be agreed at the AGM and paid at the meeting.

  6. Teams to consist of FOUR triples playing 18 ends. All scorecards must be kept by the team captain until the end of the season. Match results of league games to be notified, by phone or email, to the Fixture Secretary NLT the day after they are played.

  7. In the event of a team being a player short the triples playing two members shall play four bowls each. The jack shall be delivered by the winners of the previous end or the visitors in the case of the first end. The full triple shall bowl the first and last bowl.. NO 25% PENALTY IMPOSED FOR A REDUCED RINK. If a team cannot field a minimum of 8 players the match will not be re-arranged and the opposition will be awarded 10 points.
  8. All matches to be played to Bowls England rules except for any local domestic rules introduced by the league as agreed at the AGM.
  9. League games to be played on a Tuesday and Thursday commencing at 7pm unless otherwise agreed by both team captains. First two ends counting as one shot each end. For league games, the visitors shall have the jack on the first end . For competitions, the teams shall toss for the jack.

  10. Points for league matches to be awarded 10 overall, 2 for each winning rink (1 each for a drawn rink) and 2 for the overall aggregate shots. If at the end of the season two or more teams have equal points the ratio of shot difference will be taken into account in determining the final league placings.

  11. Substitutes are allowed if a player falls ill or called away through family illness
  12. All disputed matches to be reported to the Fixture  within 48 hours. Should the Executive Committee have to rule its decision will be final.
  1. Rain interference – Bowls England rule 56 to apply in that when a game is interrupted or postponed it shall be resumed with the scores as they were when the match was stopped. An end commenced but not completed (ie shots not declared) shall be declared dead. A reduced number of ends may be agreed by both captain’s BEFORE the match commences but at least 12 ends have to be completed on all rinks to constitute a match.
  2. Matches postponed due to adverse weather conditions or any exceptional circumstances to be rearranged by mutual agreement between the team captain’s AND MUST be played before the end of the first week in August. Sharing of points is not allowed.
  3. Preferred dress should be Grey and Whites but regulation bowling shoes are required.
  4. Annual General Meeting to be held last Monday in September, 14 days notice to be given to all teams. Any proposal for the AGM must be received by the Secretary at least 14 days before the AGM. At least 7 days before the AGM the Secretary shall send out copies of the Agenda to all clubs. It was agreed that the £10 annual subscription would be refunded if any team decided to withdraw from the league.
  5. These are the rules as agreed at the AGM 2010 and amended at the 2011 and 2014 AGMs.