GREEN OPENING TIMES — The green will open for play from 11am to dusk. Under no circumstances will social bowling or matches be allowed until 11am. This restriction allows for green cutting and green repair work to be carried out, as well as for overnight and early morning dampness to dissipate.

PLAYING CONDITIONS — Members’ attention is drawn to any information placed on the blackboard by Green Secretary, Club Secretary or Captain of the day, which must always be followed.

RINK ROTATION — In order to equalise wear on the green, rink rotation must be strictly observed by all players, including all league matches, club competitions and social bowling. Captain, Vice-Captain and nominated Captains for matches, as well as those in charge of all club events, will ensure this is strictly enforced. Members must ensure that rinks, on the rink rotation board, are closed off once they have been used to show the next rink available for play.

SMOKING — Players are requested to refrain from smoking on the green. It is against the law to smoke in the clubhouse.

SITTING ON THE BANKS — Players who sit on the banks of the green do so entirely at their own risk.

PRIORITY OF SELECTION — If a member nominates to play in a League Match, Cup Match, or any other game against another Club, and he/she is picked to play, then this game will take priority over any Club Competition games.

DOGS — Dogs are not allowed on the Club premises unless on a leash and kept under strict control.

MEMBERS’ PERSONAL PROPERTY — Members are reminded that the Club’s insurance does not cover their personal property on the Club’s premises. Therefore the Club cannot assume responsibility for any personal property (including bowls and equipment) which, if left unattended, must be at members’ own risk.