Replaces all previous issues and includes amendments made up to and including A.G.M. November 2002

DRESS:- The obligatory dress is white tops and grey trousers or COLOURED TOPS where these are CLUB COLOURS and are worn by ALL MEMBERS of the RINK.

MEMBERSHIP:- Entrants for any Competition within the section must be registered with a rink and particulars must be given to the Secretary in writing before the first game in any Competition is played. In an emergency, a registration may be made by telephone but must be confirmed immediately in writing , otherwise the question of ineligibility may arise. Once registrations have been made , transfers between rinks will not permitted after the first match of the season except where a registered member has not played. Rink Secretaries should ensure that they have a minimum number of five (5) registered players for their respective rinks.

BOWLS ENGLAND (formerly E.B.A.) RULES: – These apply in all competitions under the jurisdiction of the section.

LEAGUE PLAY:- Rinks entering will be formed into Divisions and a fixture list will be drawn up by the Secretary. Matches will normally be played on Tuesday and Thursdays. In the event a match cannot be proceeded with the rinks involved will mutually agree a convenient date as soon as possible, but in any event, not later than the date notified on the fixture list by which all fixtures must be completed and the Results Recorder advised. In the event of a postponement, for whatever reason, the Results Recorder must be informed immediately and kept informed of revised rearrangements. If a rink fails to fulfil a scheduled fixture for reasons other than weather or ground conditions it shall be considered to have forfeited the match – that is – unless a postponement has been mutually agreed AT LEAST THREE CLEAR DAYS PRIOR TO THE ORIGINAL DATE and the Results Recorder or his nominee MUST BE INFORMED . When a rink concedes a match that has not started, by default or by agreement, the opposing rink shall be awarded 1 shot in addition to the two match points. The HOME – team is responsible for notifying the results to the League Secretary. Matches will be played over 18 ends but should adverse weather conditions prevent this number being played, then 15 ends shall be the minimum to constitute a match. (if less ends played then match has to be re-arranged and the score resumed at the point it was abandoned). Matches will start at 2pm unless mutually agreed by both teams. In the event of a late start there will be an allowed time limit of 15 minutes. In the event of a dispute arising from foregoing, the committee shall be empowered to decide as to the forfeiture or otherwise outcome of the match. If owing to unforeseen circumstances a rink is unable to field a full complement of FOUR players a match may proceed with THREE players. In such cases the full number of bowls shall be bowled by the depleted rink with the first & second woods bowling three woods each and a forfeit of 25% will be deducted from the depleted rinks final score.This rule shall also apply for other rink competitions. In the event of a rink withdrawing from the League all the points and shots gained by opposing rinks shall be declared void and deleted from the League Records. However if the teams withdrawal is late in the season and the deduction causes unfair problems to another rinks promotion or relegation chances the League Secretary will call an emergency committee meeting to try and find a fair solution. The scoring for League Matches shall be two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a draw and no (0) points for the losing rink. The result of each match shall be sent by the HOME rink to the League Secretary as soon as possible after the match. If two or more rinks in any one league complete their fixtures with the same number of points, the final positions will be determined on shots difference. The top two teams in each league will be promoted and the bottom two will be relegated unless the leagues have to be reconstructed due to teams resigning or new teams being elected to the Association.

ELIMINATING COMPETITIONS:- All rinks are obliged to enter these competitions and the entry fee to be fixed at A.G.M. is payable before the 31st of March each year. From season 1995 a qualifying competition has separated the total entries into two. The winners continuing in (1) The Maddison Cup and the losers competing for (2) The Coronation Cup.

MADDISON CUP:- This cup was donated by the daughter of Mr Maddison to show some measure of appreciation for the many happy hours her father had spent with bowlers in West Bank Park. The cup will be competed for by rinks winning in the Qualifying Round.

CORONATION CUP:- This cup once owned by the now defunct Clifton Bowling Club came into our possession via the daughter of the late Eric Spink & David Poole and will be competed for by the rinks losing their Qualifying round of the Knock Out Cups Competition.

At the request of the donor of the Maddison Cup, the finals of both events will be played at West Bank Park on the same day at the same time.

The competition’s are on a Knockout basis, the draw and dates of the matches will be arranged by the committee. All games will be decided over 18 ends with an extra end being played if the scores are tied and conditions as for League Competitions will apply.

TWO WOOD SINGLES:- Application forms will be send out by the Committee, entry fee to accompany the completed form, all registered members of rinks in the league Competitions are eligible to enter. The amount of entry fee and the duration of games will be decided by the members at the General Meeting. The present duration of games is up to and including Quarter Finals (11) up, Semi Finals 15 up the Final 21 up. The first named in the pairings up to and including the quarter finals will responsible for providing a marker. The Management Committee will provide markers for the Semi’s & the Final

TRIPLES COMPETITION:- Application forms, entry fee & eligibility as above.

BOWLS:- In all Sections, matches bowls must comply with current Bowls England (formerly E.B.A ) laws of the game.

UMPIRES:- All Semi-Finals and Finals will be played under the control of an Umpire.