1. Do not behave in any way that would bring you, your club or the game into disrepute.

2. Be conversant with the “Laws of the Game” and observe them. Markers should be conversant with their duties as detailed in the “Laws of the Game”.

3. Be punctual for all games to commence play on time and come to each game correctly attired. Observe dress code regulations.

4. Keep quiet and refrain from moving when players are on the mat (Law 49).

5. Stand behind the mat while your opponent bowls (Law 50).

6. Be courteous at all times.

7. Always stand still at the head and mat end when a player is about to bowl – movement at the head or talking at the mat end can be very distracting.

8. Always allow your opponent the right to the head, as spelt out in the “Laws of the Game” (Law 49)

9.When changing ends, walk close to the centre of the rink and with the minimum of delay, or you could distract the players in the next rink.

10. Do not delay play – always play your bowl with the minimum of delay.

11. Never play your bowl before the previous bowl has come to rest.

12. Keep track of play and be ready to bowl when it is your turn.

13. Every player at the mat end must assist in collecting the bowls when the end is over.

14. Always pay your skip the respect of waiting for his/her decision. Do not step onto the mat and indicate which way you intend to bowl – wait for the skips instructions. 

15. Never applaud “lucky” bowls – accept them graciously. Never complain about “lucky” bowls – they tend to equal each other out over the season.

16. When an umpire is requested to decide a measure situation, indicate the bowls in dispute and retire from the area so the umpire can complete his/her job. Accept the decision without displaying signs of disagreement. Thank the umpire at the end of the match.

17. If you lose, be a GOOD loser – don’t blame your loss on colleagues, the rink, weather, bowls etc.

18. When you have the services of a marker, it is of utmost importance that you extend your thanks and appreciations for the services rendered, and offer a refreshment on completion of the game.

19. Respect the rink surface at all times .Bowls should not be dropped onto the green, do not stand on the edge of the rink, do not stand on the bank or walk in the ditches.

20. Always shake hands with your fellow bowlers and opponents both at the start and end of the match.

21. When not playing, take care not to walk across the end of the rinks when players are on the mat about to deliver, movement can be distracting.

22. Be respectful of the clubs rules and condition of play.