1. The name of the League shall be known as the BATAgas Ryedale Triples League.

2. By the end of March each year, each club will be inform the league as to whether they wish to be a “3-rink Club” or a “4-rink Club” for the coming season. Fixtures between two “4-rink Clubs” will consist of 4 rinks of triples. All other fixtures will be 3 rinks of triples.

3. Ten points will be available for each league game. For 4-rink games, 2 points shall be awarded for each winning rink and 2 points for the team with the greatest aggregate number of shots scored. In the event of a tie, the points shall be awarded equally between the sides. For 3-rink games, 2.5 points shall be awarded for each winning rink with 2.5 points awarded to the team with the greatest aggregate number of shots. In the event of a tie, points shall be awarded equally between the sides.

4. Where a rink is played with one player short, the side scoring at the last played end shall cast the jack. The team with three players (9 woods), shall lead and play last at each end. The team with two players shall bowl 4 woods each (8 woods in total). In the interest of fair play and sportsmanship a reserve player will be deemed eligible to play for the opposition in the lead position. There will be no penalty of ¼ of the shots scored.

5. The visiting team will cast the jack on the first end in League matches. The first two ends will be played for one shot.

6. A game will consist of 18 ends unless the Captains have agreed before the start of the game that fewer ends will be played. However, a minimum of nine ends must be played to count as a game. If a game has begun but is stopped as a result of the weather or other exceptional circumstances before the agreed number of ends have been played, then this will count as a game as long as nine or more ends have been played and both captains agree. If a game is postponed because of the weather or is started but stopped at a point which does not count as a game, then the game must be re-arranged and played as a new game. If the game is not re-arranged and played then neither team will score any points.

7. Teams can comprise of both Ladies and Gentlemen.

8. Players to wear correct footwear: shoes with plain flat rubber soles must be worn. This rule will be enforced by member clubs.

9. Rinks to be correctly marked.

10. The fixtures shall be arranged by the Secretary. Matches shall be played on a Monday / Friday evening. Additional nights may be required for any matches postponed etc. The Secretary is to be notified of the results and number of shots scored as soon as possible after the match ends, the home team being responsible for this. The date, venue and format of the trophies presentation shall be decided by the Committee.

11. All matches to commence at 6.45pm in May, June and July and 6.30pm in August and September.

12. All disputes, complaints etc. to be referred to the Secretary in writing and shall be considered by the Committee.

13. Bowls England Rules shall apply with the exception of any domestic arrangements made at the AGM.

14. Good manners and sportsmanship shall prevail.

15. All clubs will have one vote at an Annual General Meeting to be held in October or November following the season. The Secretary and Chairperson will also have one vote and, in the event of a tie, the Chairperson will have the casting vote. Date and venue to be decided by the Committee.

16. The running of the League shall be the responsibility of the Committee who shall be three members from different clubs elected at the AGM, plus the Chairman and Secretary.

17. All Officers and Committee shall be nominated at the Annual General Meeting.

18. Any proposal for the AGM should be submitted before a deadline set by the Committee together with the name of a seconder.

19. Applications for membership to the league shall be received by the Secretary in writing and considered at the AGM. Applications will only be considered from clubs initially invited to join, or new clubs in the Vale of Pickering, i.e. Clubs within the boundary of the A170 Helmsley to Brompton, to include Hutton le Hole; the old A64 Malton to Sherburn to include Settrington and the B1257 Malton to Helmlsey to include Terrington.

20. Annual entrance fee to be £15 but reviewed annually at the AGM.

KINDLY NOTE Clubs are reminded that a game can be played with as few as 8 players (4 rinks of 2 players each) or as few as 6 players (3 rinks of 2 players each) for 3-rink games, and that there is no penalty of ¼ of the shots scored when a rink plays with a player short. It is therefore a gentleman’s agreement that every effort should be made to fulfil a fixture even if there is a player short on every rink.