Wigginton Bowling Club



1. Title. The Club shall be called “Wigginton Bowling Club” and is registered with the Charity Commission under registration number 1141504 with the President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer as Trustees.

2. Affiliations. The Club shall be affiliated to:

  1. The York Amateur Bowling Association . All games shall be played under the Rules of Bowls England (unless local league rules exist)
  2. Wigginton Sports & Playing Fields Association (WSPFA).

3. Objects. To provide facilities for playing bowls for the inhabitants of Haxby and Wigginton and surrounding catchment areas in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances with the object of improving their conditions of life

4. Membership. There shall be four classes of Membership:- Adult Playing Members age 26+, Adult Playing Members age 18 to 25, Junior Playing Members (age under 18) and Social Members, each paying such Annual Subscription as shall be determined at each Annual General Meeting.(AGM)

  1. Adult Playing Members, irrespective of gender, shall be entitled to vote in meetings and to be elected to the Management Committee in any capacity.

  2. Junior Playing Members shall be under the age of 18 years, and shall not be entitled to vote in meetings, nor to serve on the Management Committee.

  3. Social Members shall not be entitled to play on the Green or to vote at any Annual General Meeting or other meeting.

  4. All subscriptions shall become due on the day the Green is opened for play for the season. The membership of a member whose subscription is outstanding at 31st May shall be regarded as lapsed and his/her right to continue using the Green shall be terminated, subject to the discretion of the Management Committee.

  5. No member shall be allowed to participate in Club or County competitions until his/her annual subscription and appropriate competition fees have been paid.

  6. The Management Committee will give consideration to any request from members who apply for concessionary rates due to extreme financial hardship in the spirit that the activities of the club will be open to all who wish to take part.

  1. Annual General Meeting. The AGM shall be held no later than November 30th each year, at which all Reports in connection with the club shall be presented. Seven days’ notice of this meeting shall be given to all members.

6. Special General Meeting. On the written request of ten members, the Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting to take place within fourteen days of the date on which the request is received. This request shall give details of the business to be dealt with and the Agenda for the Special General Meeting shall be restricted to the business detailed in the request for the meeting. A Special General Meeting may also be called by decision of the Management Committee, to be held on a date chosen by the Management Committee with not less than fourteen days notice to members.

7. Management Committee. The governance of the Club shall be vested in a Management Committee.

  1. The Management Committee consists of the following: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Green Secretary, Treasurer, Captain, Vice Captain, Fixtures Secretary and up to seven Committee Members.

  2. The Management Committee, also the Honorary Auditor shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

  3. The Management Committee will be elected for a period of two years, one half, or as near one half as possible shall retire each year, except the Captain and Vice Captain who hold office for only one year.

  4. The Secretary shall arrange for a sheet to be exhibited in the Pavilion on or before the first day of September in each year, on which may be written the names of members who wish to serve on the Management Committee.

  5. Other than the Captain & Vice-Captain a member may not hold more than one office on the Management Committee unless there are no other valid nominations for the relevant posts. (see clause 13)

  6. Each candidate must be nominated by at least two members of the Club, and must have given his/her consent to the nomination.

  7. The nomination sheet will be removed on the day on which the green closes for play, but further nominations may be made at the Annual General Meeting.

  8. All nominees and their nominators must be present at the AGM.

  9. If any nominee or nominator cannot attend the AGM they should notify the Secretary giving the reasons for absence. If any nominee or nominator is not present at the AGM the retention of the nomination shall be at the discretion of the members present at the AGM.

  10. As soon as practicable after the election of the Management Committee they shall elect from their own number two members to represent the Bowling Club on the Management Committee of WSPFA.

  11. In addition to the elected members, for one year immediately following his/her term of office, the retiring Captain will have an ex-officio place on the Management Committee, with full voting rights.

    8.Meetings of the Management Committee shall be held as required and four members of the Management Committee shall form a quorum, including a Chairman.

9. The Chairman or Vice Chairman or in their absence, a member of the Management Committee elected by the members present, shall preside at all meetings of the Management Committee and/or General Meetings of the Club and shall have a casting vote in the case of equality.

10. On the written request of four members of the Management Committee, the Secretary shall call a meeting of the Management Committee to take place within six days of the date on which the request is received. The request for the meeting shall give details of the business to be dealt with and the Agenda for the meeting shall be restricted to the business as detailed in the request for the meeting.

11. The Management Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy occurring within its own number and to co-opt any member on to any Sub Committee formed.

12. President. The President shall be nominated by the Management Committee in recognition of outstanding service to the Club in the past, and approved at an Annual or Special General Meeting, and will be eligible to attend Management Committee Meetings, but will not have the right to vote.

13. Captain & Vice-Captain. In normal circumstances the Vice-Captain will automatically be appointed Captain for the following year and will have the right, if he/she chooses, to invite any playing member to be his/her successor as Vice-Captain. This candidate for Vice-Captain will normally be supported by the Management Committee for approval at the AGM.

14. Selection Committee. The Management Committee shall elect from its own number two members who together with the Captain and Vice-Captain and the Secretary, shall act as Selection Committee and shall be responsible for selecting teams for all matches of the Club, with the exception of York Veterans’ and Ladies’ Matches. They shall also be responsible for handicapping the Club’s competitions as may be required. The Selection Committee may, in the event of any of its number being absent, co-opt for the occasion any of the other members of the Management Committee who may be available.

15. Green Secretary. The duties of the Green Secretary shall be to ensure that the duties of the Greenkeepers are efficiently carried out. He/she shall have authority to order materials and items of equipment as required by the Greenkeepers, subject to the approval of the Management Committee.

16. Greenkeepers. The Greenkeepers shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Green under the jurisdiction of the Green Secretary and together they shall be empowered to impose any restrictions with play on the Green as may be considered necessary. The Greenkeepers shall not be eligible to serve on the Management Committee unless they are members of the Club.

17. New Members. New Members shall be accepted at the discretion of the Management Committee on completion of an application form, subject to the provisions of anti-discrimination legislation.

18.Honorary Members. Proposals for Honorary Membership shall be submitted to and reviewed by the Management Committee and if recommended, placed on the Agenda for the next AGM for approval.

19.Secretary. The Secretary shall conduct all the correspondence of the Club, summon and attend all meetings of the Management Committee, and General Meetings of members, and shall keep records of the proceedings of all such meetings. He/she shall attend meetings of sub-Committees as he/she considers necessary and take part in all discussions at those meetings. He/she shall also prepare a report on the affairs and activities of the Club for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

20.Treasurer. The Treasurer shall have charge of all cash, receipts and all payments of the Club and shall render to the Management Committee at any time required by them, a statement of receipts and payments. He/she shall also prepare a statement of accounts for presentation at the AGM which will have been examined by the Auditor elected at the previous AGM. The accounts of the Club shall be closed on the 30th September in each year.

21 Visitors. Visitors staying with members of the Club shall be allowed to play, provided that by so doing members of the Club are not deprived of playing. In all other cases of visitors desiring to play, permission shall first be obtained from the Secretary, or from a member of the Management Committee. In both cases visitors will be asked to pay a Green Fee, the sum to be determined by the Management Committee, and the member to put the visitor’s name in the book provided before they start to play.

22. Byelaws. The Management Committee shall have power to make byelaws in relation to conduct and dress on the Green, not inconsistent with the foregoing Rules, from time to time, as they may consider fit and proper. These will be published annually in the Fixture Card for members’ information.

23. Dissolution

  1. If at a General Meeting of the Club a resolution, of which full and proper notice has been given, calling for the dissolution of the Club, be carried by at least two-thirds of the members present who are entitled to vote, the Management Committee shall thereupon, or at such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to discharge all debts and liabilities of the Club.

  2. After all debts and liabilities have been discharged, the remaining assets shall be transferred to the Wigginton Sports and Playing Fields Association to be used for the benefit of the community under that body’s Constitution, or transferred to such other charity or charities with similar objects as the trustees determine.

  3. The dissolution of the Club must be in an orderly fashion and comply with any legislation laid down by the Charity Commission.

24 Alteration of Rules. New Rules shall not be made, or any of the foregoing Rules altered or rescinded, except by a majority vote of members present at an Annual or Special General Meeting. The Charity Commission’s approval must be obtained prior to any alteration of the Objects of the Club (see para 3)